I was born in Dallas, Texas on April 11th from my mother’s womb. The hospital that I was born in is now out of business. Not sure how that happens. I guess I was a little too much money for them. Even I as a baby, you could tell I was destined for greatness. My athletic abilities surpassed all my teammates in my childhood soccer team. Some people believed I might have been the youngest Olympic champion in history had I continued sports.

When I was 7, I received a full ride to MIT. However, I turned it down to pursue a career in entertainment. My first job was a hand double/model for Pam Anderson, Susan Somers, and John Goodman. After two and a half weeks, I found comedy. I’ve done everything from stand up to music. Some might say music is my strong point. I currently work with a genre called, rap. Fact: I was raised by rapper/producer, Dr. Dre. I keep in contact with Uncle Dre and still see him on all national holidays.

Bonus Fact: So far, my dating resume includes the following. I’ve also added the reasons why I broke it off with them. Rihanna (texted to much), Katy Perry (song dropped from the #1 spot), Megan Fox (wierd thumbs).

Also, everything you read is true. That’s it.