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SMOK Performance

SMOK Live Performance

SMOK started in 2000 with a parody of Lou Bega’s Mambo #5 entitled, Mexico Mambo #5 1/2. After that, the rest was history. SMOK released a limited run of their first album, Bad AIM in 2001. The success of the release was unimaginable and the demand for more SMOK music was massive.

The band went to work on a new album and in 2003 they released, (green). The new album was an instant success and critically acclaimed as one of the best albums ever made. (green) showed that SMOK was more that just a parody band as it included some original masterpieces about chili and a dog named Nerdel.

SMOK Brick

Robert Baker, Eric Hays, Andrew Hensley, and Michael Zavala.

It was also the first–and only–album that features the only two songs ever made by a mystical band called, Twinkie. It also featured the debut of a up-and-coming, young immigrant rapper named, Mahub.