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Mahub tha Rapper

Mahub tha Rapper


Mahub came to America without a penny to his name and lived with his grandmother. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, Mahub used rap as a therapeutic way of dealing with the day to day struggles of the streets. He soon befriended, Monae Klip, another young rapper a few houses down. The two boys quickly bonded together over their love of rap and Monae was impressed how quickly Mahub had become a master of the English language. The way he would manipulate words to fit rhymes and write with such vivid and emotional imagery was pure genius. He encouraged Mahub to start hitting up open mics in underground hip-hop clubs.

Mahub rapped in the clubs at night and got a job as a meter reader during the day. It was meter reading that lead Mahub to discover that he was dyslexic. He was able to overcome the struggles and eventually won a meter reading contest held by his company. Mahub’s late night endeavors caught the attention of the prestigious hip-hop producer, JusBeatz. JusBeatz co-produced the first three Mahub tracks and debuted them on SMOK‘s (green) album. One of the songs, 8 Meters, was based on Mahub’s struggles and life as a meter reader turned rapper.

8 Meters

8 Meters Promotional Photo

The song was an instant success and turned Mahub into an international star seemingly overnight.

Movie studios started to court Mahub about making a film of his life. Soon, a movie with the same name as his hit song, 8 Meters, was in development. Due to contract disputes the movie never made it past pre-production. Not long after that, Mahub suffered the loss of his 1987 Chevy Nova. A year later he released a tribute song entitled, What You Drive Boy?

Mahub’s success has continued to grow as he released even more hits over the years including, Walk Like Gumby and second tribute to his Nova, You & Me. Recently, Mahub and longtime friend, Monae Klip put together a rap group called, N.U.U.A. The group currently has an album in the works.